Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camp Reflections

You're back! And from all accounts, a good time was had by all. 

Last Sunday night we had the teens write a "reflection" about the week with some essay-type questions. The first was: 
1.  Describe your favorite memory from the week.
Many of you mentioned the games, including nine square in the air, and the drives up and back. 
P.S. What IS that thing you guys put on Jeremy's arm in that video on facebook?!

I'm totally down with building one of these!

2. What was your favorite message about?
You guys didn't like this question, because you said the messages were all about the same thing. Some of you mentioned that you liked the theme, John 30:3 "He must increase but I must decrease." Several mentioned that your favorite message was about giving your life fully to Christ. 

3. What did you learn/realize this week?
 In my mind, this was the second most important question. Because, yes, part of the reason you guys go to camp is to have fun and get to know people, and that's great! But ultimately the point of going to camp is to get away from everything and grow under the teaching of some godly speakers, the counselors, or even each other.

Many answers had to do with the sovereignty of God: He has a plan for your life and can use you if you're willing to be used, everything happens in your life because God wants it too, He is in control and His plan is perfect.

4. How will your life be different after this week?
In my mind, this is the most important question. If you learned/realized something awesome or made a decision, what good is it unless it shows in the way you live your life? Is there any point to knowing something, but not doing it? If we are growing Christians, our lives should constantly be transforming to become more and more Christlike. 

Many of you said that while you might not have learned anything "new," you felt encouraged to keep living for the Lord, giving your life fully to Him, sharing your faith, and even growing in maturity and responsibility. 

If you would like accountability or help living out decisions made at camp, don't hesitate to talk to us. 

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